#0: 165 days, Hashrate 100X

the girl is getting stronger

Hello, welcome to issue #0 of the CKB Weekly, a newsletter about the Nervos Common Knowledge Base blockchain and related technology.

CKB’s mainnet Lina is stepping into her sixth month. With hashrate at ~7.23PH/S (~100x growth from day 1’s ~70TH/S), an average block time of ~8 seconds and uncle rate of ~2.4%, Lina is stable and growing stronger every day. Over the last couple months, the development ecosystem has grown significantly. Here are the latest updates:


  • CKB released v0.31.0-rc1. This RC version contains many chain sync improvements.

  • CKB have automated the benchmark test suite. See the result in nervosnetwork/ckb#2019.

  • ckb-indexer is an external cells indexer which synchronizes data with the CKB node via CKB. The light client services will be built based on this.

  • The new block download scheduler is ready for review. It has improved the chain synchronization speed by about 100%.


  • Neuron

    • v0.29.0 has been released.

    • With new features including sign/verify message, customized assets operation, and send CKBytes with lock period

    • We are working on new UX for Nervos DAO page.

  • CKB Explorer

    • Rearrange the layout of charts page.

    • Add a balance distribution chart.

    • Add sUDT support for testnet explorer.


  • SECBIT Labs [Zero knowledge proof toolkit for CKB]

    • Basic framework of zkp-toolkit-ckb was formed, supports Groth16 proof system and BN256 curve, implements Comparison Gadget and some other fundamental arithmetic circuit libraries.

    • zkp-toolkit-ckb supports bulletproofs, and the scheme of bulletproofs to dock with r1cs has taken initial shape.

    • zkp-toolkit-ckb explores the CKB Rust contract: verify the contract of demo on chain through blake2b hash

  • Muta [CKB’s layer2 framework]]


  • BlockABC [onchain CKB and web auth]

    • one-chain-ckb released v0.1.1, supports quickly build transactions, build transactions without signing, provide commonjs, es6 and umd modules.

  • GrowFi [token swap functionality] 

    • released the MVP model of UDTswap scripts. It supports 4 features: Create UDTswap,  Add liquidity pool, Liquidity pool removal, Swap CKB to UDT / Swap UDT to UDT / Swap UDT to CKB.

  • Lay2 [build dApp on CKB and run them everywhere] 

  • Obsidian Labs [developer IDE]

    • CKB Studio released v0.3.1 which already local dev chain, CKB Aggron testnet and CKB mainnet; support C and JavaScript for CKB scripts; support simple UDT.

  • Obsidian Systems [CKB integration with ledger wallets]

    • Obsidian Systems is finalizing the Ledger application and submitting a proposal for hardware wallet support in CKB-CLI and some additional Ledger features. More details in Status update #1.

  • Summa One [BTC/CKB interoperability]

  • Synapse [browser wallet and keyper agency]

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“Lina” artwork by Echo Qi.

*CKB Weekly is curated by a group of people who witness Lina’s birth and start this to record her growth. Any views expressed are personal and do not represent an official position of the Nervos project. Got updates or articles you would like to include? Any feedback or other suggestions? Let us know by replying to the email.