#1: Keep Calm and Nervos Dao

When moon?

Hello, welcome to issue #1 of the CKB Weekly, a newsletter about the Nervos Common Knowledge Base blockchain and related technology.

One twitter user recently asked “CKB is dropping but difficulty does not adjust, it's even increasing, there is something wrong…” Rest assured, there is no problem. In spite of recent price drops, the CKB hashrate and chain security do continue to steadily increase, due to recent ToddMiner C1 Pro shipments.

Last week, there was a scheduled unlock of 2.8 billion CKB at 1,000th epoch, which brought the total amount of circulating tokens to ~17 billion. Deposits in Nervos DAO kept growing to 5.3 billion, accounting for ~32% of the circulating supply. 

Nervos DAO is a base layer implementation, which is different from MakerDAO or any DAO on Ethereum. It issues the blockchain’s native CKB coin to hodlers, who always remain in sole control of their CKB through the Nervos cell model

Here are the latest:


  • CKB stored in the Nervos DAO can only be withdrawn at the end of a deposit period, about once every 30 days. This DCKB project aims to create a new token, a derivative of CKB deposited in the DAO, which provides the benefits of hodling in the DAO while also providing deposit liquidity.

What people are saying

While there is intensive discussion in chatroom around marketing and “Nervos doesn't have enough meme/hype/awareness”, someone also pointed out:

“The project just needs integrations more than it needs hype. Defi builders with a long term interest in their assets need to prefer Nervos. I’d like to see us build Defi primitives with people who don’t want to rebuild finance with the same discretionary policies as central banks.”

What do you want to see on CKB? Join the chatroom on TG or discord, or you can reply and discuss^


  • Neuron

  • v0.30.0-rc2 has been released.

  • Bypass password verification when deleting/exporting watch only wallet.

  • Skip rescan when importing existing wallet.


  • Wallets - MathWallet (new!), ABC Wallet, imToken, HyperPay, Bitpie, Cobo, Hoo, Renrenbit

  • Supporting mining pools - 14 [source:miningpoolstats]

  • Exchanges - 27 market pairs [source: coingecko]

  • GrowFi [token swap functionality] 

    • building UX/UI and information parts

  • Lay2 [build dApp on CKB and run them everywhere] 

    • Doing research on WebAuthn and related contents

    • Migration of secp256r1 to CKB has been preliminary completed

The scope of grants and current open RFCs

“Nervos Dao” artwork by ckbmeme

*CKB Weekly is curated by a group of people who witnessed Lina’s birth and started this to record her growth. Any views expressed are personal and do not represent an official position of the Nervos project. Got updates or articles you would like to include? Any feedback or other suggestions? Let us know by replying to the email.