DeFi, Interoperability and Beyond

Looking into the future of the Nervos network

The first Nervos town hall was held this week, Jan Xie, chief architect and researcher, introduced the roadmap for the rest of the year and answered questions from the community with the help of co-founder Kevin Wang. For more info, check out the video and recap. The presentation focused on plans for DeFi, infrastructure, research and development, and a new concept, which embodies a vision of the Nervos network, "Interoperability 2.0".

The internet was used as an analogy to communicate this new idea. Every day we use numerous Internet protocols without thinking about them, developers handle the complexity and for everyone else it just works. Similar to the internet, Nervos is built with a layered architecture and can be the foundation of a seamless user experience. Diverse wallets and cross-chain transactions become compatible and these details can start to be abstracted away from the user. To see the start of this concept in action, you can open with an Ethereum wallet today to securely send and receive CKB. (Great work Lay2!)

There is no doubt that DeFi is the hottest topic to emerge in crypto since the bear market took hold in 2018. In the next few months, you can expect significant advances in DeFi on CKB, including libraries for issuing tokens, a generalized cross-chain bridge framework, oracles and production-ready DEX projects. Polyjuice, an Ethereum-compatible layer on CKB, also deserves a mention here, it's available today, check out the port of ENS to CKB.

By end of year we'll also see a production-ready framework for optimistic rollups (Godwoken), a payment channel prototype for CKB and tokens, as well as light client demos (desktop, web and mobile). On the research front, keep an eye out for more efficient light clients, a more performant VM, a new smart contract language, privacy on CKB, zkRollups and a programming model that can finally unify Layer 1 and Layer 2.


Technical Updates


Nervos applies the RFC (Request for Comments) process for implementing every building block of the protocol. There were 27 Previous RFCs that can be found here .

If you are curious about why a design in CKB is what it is now, please post your questions in this repository .


  • CKB

    • ( #2236) rewrite discovery

    • ( #2274) amend a log message which could cause users to be panic

    • ( #2276) improve migration progress display

    • ( #2257) add ping_peers rpc

  • Dev Tools

    • Lumos [JavaScript/TypeScript based dapp framework]

      • ( #98) Indexer support query with order

      • ( #100) Change fromBlock, toBlock type from number to Hexadecimal

    • Polyjuice [an Ethereum on CKB solution]

      • Update README to support EoA account and value transfer

      • Support value transfer from/to EoA/contract account

    • Capsule [development framework for creating smart contract scripts in Rust for CKB]

      • Support map dirs into build container

      • Upgrade ckb-std to 0.6.2

  • Neuron

    • ( #1840) upgrade bundled ckb version to v0.35.0

    • ( #1839) Refactor/refactor send component #1839

    • ( #1841) add Customized Asset Component

  • CKB Explorer

Layer 2

  • Muta [layer2 framework on CKB]

    • ( #458) remove unnecessary clone

    • ( #457) Release v0.2.0

    • ( #455) add a json macro to generate json object

    • ( #436) cli for maintance

    • ( #450) add structured api

    • ( #438) upgrade overlord version to v0.2.0

    • ( #449) add accumulated network message size count

  • SECBIT Labs [Zero knowledge proof toolkit for CKB]


The Nervos Foundation currently runs a grants program for builders. check out the scope and how to apply .

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