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CKB Weekly #16

We noticed an interesting workshop called Gadgets Workshop from Nervos Foundation’s Q2 quarterly letter. The key mission of the workshop is to explore the potentials of Nervos CKB and show how its flexible and powerful design could be used to add more user scenarios to the blockchain world.


Then we found a demo using Nervos CKB as a remote backend for git created by Xuejie, who says this is an attempt at one possible direction of building dapps with CKB:

  • A single cell on CKB represents a repository (to be more precise, a cell represents a unique branch, it's possible to build a repository that contains multiple cells with multiple branches).

  • Only the git tip hash is kept in the cell, which means no matter how large the repository grows, the storage requirement on CKB stays constant.

  • Different information is kept in the transaction witness part. The full history is kept in a chain of transactions used to update the cell representing the repository.

“Personally, I feel like this might be the correct way to use CKB aka Common Knowledge Base, which gets its name for a special purpose: only data that requires global consensus, or common knowledge, should live on chain. The actual data could perfectly be stored elsewhere for maximum efficiency.” - Xuejie 

Something to read/watch

  • Kevin penned a new piece on Defi and how CKB could be a better platform for Defi applications. 

  • The Nervos Foundation shared a blog post detailing the launch of Portal Wallet, which allows users to interact with Nervos through any Web3-enabled browser (using Metamask, imToken, Opera, etc.)

  • Introductory Video series for Nervos developers

    1. Dapps with CKB Lecture 1: Introduction (English)(Chinese)

    2. Dapps with CKB Lecture 2: On-chain Scripts with Capsule (Chinese with English subtitles)

    3. Dapps with CKB Lecture 3: Dapps with Lumos (Chinese with English subtitles) Part 1Part 2

    4. Dapps with CKB Lecture 4: Dapp Architecture with Lumos (English)

    5. Understanding the Token Sale Lock Script (English)

    6. CKB Studio Tutorial (English)

    7. PW-Core Programming walkthrough (English)(Chinese)

    8. How to develop a CKB Dapp with Keypering (Chinese with English subtitles)

Technical Updates


Nervos applies the RFC (Request for Comments) process for implementing every building block of the protocol. There were 24 Previous RFCs that can be found here

If you are curious about why a design in CKB is what it is now, please post your questions in this repository.


  • CKB

    • (#2227) Add test cases for security GHSA-q73f-w3h7-7wcc.

    • (#2201) Use metrics to output memory statistics, developers can draw charts in Grafana via Prometheus.

    • (#2200) Replace metric macros by metrics service

  • Dev Tools

    • Lumos [JavaScript/TypeScript based dapp framework] 

      • Released v0.9.0 and v0.10.0

      • (#89) Fix Don’t update capacity directly when deducting

      • (#90) Add missing since/defaultWitness to setupInputCell

      • (#91) Rename used Capacity to availableCapacity

      • (#92) Update defaultWitness to undefined in common#setupInputCell 

    • Polyjuice [an Ethereum on CKB solution] 

    • Capsule [development framework for creating smart contract scripts in Rust for CKB] 

      • Released v.0.2.2

      • Fix collector error message

      • Reuse changes output in the deployment

  • Neuron

    • (#1810)Set confirmation threshold to 24 

    • (#1811) Build and test in the same step in Windows CI

  • CKB Explorer

    • (#718) Rc/v0.11.1 Performance Improvement

    • (#719) remove method that calls count

    • (#721) Fix ckb transactions table record count 

Layer 2


The Nervos Foundation currently runs a grants program for builders. check out the scope and how to apply.

“Built Differently” by Jake

CKB Weekly is curated by a group of people who witnessed Lina’s birth and started this to record her growth. Any views expressed are personal and do not represent an official position of the Nervos project. Got updates or articles you would like to include? Any feedback or other suggestions? Let us know by replying to the email. 

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