CKB Weekly #17

Muta is a layer 2 on CKB, which uses CKB as the value and security anchor to extend user scenarios and scalability.

  • Performance: Being tested on a network with 21 nodes, Muta achieved a steady TPS of 4000 with finality of 3 seconds, and the network can keep processing at this speed. This is much better than any other PoS network or blockchain using BFT consensus. For example, EOS once achieved a peak rate of 3500 and sustained at a steady rate around 1000. However,  for finality they need to wait 180 blocks, while Muta only requires 1 block. 

  • Customizable: Developers can customize PoA, PoS or DPoS chains based on Muta, and use different economic models and governance models. Developers can also develop different application chains (such as DEX) based on Muta to implement any specific business logic. (e.g. the regulator-friendly Huobi finance chain)

  • Interoperability: Muta supports different virtual machines, including CKB-VM, EVM, and WASM and it has interoperability across these VMs. Different virtual machines can be used in a Muta-based blockchain at the same time. 

As a highly customizable high-performance blockchain framework, Muta provides a basic core component that a blockchain system needs, and developers can customize the functional parts of the chain freely. We hope Muta can play a pioneering role in the adoption of CKB.

Check out its website for more info!

Something to Read

Technical Updates


Nervos applies the RFC (Request for Comments) process for implementing every building block of the protocol. There were 24 Previous RFCs that can be found here

If you are curious about why a design in CKB is what it is now, please post your questions in this repository.


  • CKB

    • (#2241) remove sentry related code from rpc module

    • (#2238) tx-pool block_on async oneshot

    • (#2237) Revert "chore(deps): bump crossbeam-channel from 0.3.9 to 0.4.3"

  • Dev Tools

    • Lumos [JavaScript/TypeScript based dapp framework] 

      • (#94) Replace outdated method with new TransactionCollector

      • (#93) Pay fee by fee rate

      • (#88) Improve sql indexer

    • Polyjuice [an Ethereum on CKB solution] 

    • Capsule [development framework for creating smart contract scripts in Rust for CKB] 

      • Upgrade ckb-tool & ckb-testtool to v0.1.3

  • Neuron

    • Released v0.32.2

    • Fix a breaking change by lumos indexer which leads to a bug that it can't make transfers from asset accounts

  • CKB Explorer

Layer 2

  • Muta [layer2 framework on CKB] 

    • (#409) Byzantine test

    • (#429) add executing block num to apm

    • (#430) negative connecting metric number

  • SECBIT Labs [Zero knowledge proof toolkit for CKB] 


  • Hxro [Gamified Crypto Trading Platform] - new!

  • Tocial [cosplayers’ photo sharing app] - new!

  • Lay2 [pw-sdk, build dApp on CKB and run them everywhere] 

  • Obsidian Labs[developer IDE] 

  • Synapse [browser wallet and keyper agency] 

  • BlockABC [onchain CKB and web auth] 

  • GrowFi [token swap functionality]

  • Obsidian Systems [CKB integration with ledger wallets] - github

  • Summa One [BTC/CKB interoperability] - github (completed)

The Nervos Foundation currently runs a grants program for builders. check out the scope and how to apply.

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