Simple User Defined Token on CKB

CKB Weekly #7     

Hello, welcome to issue #7 of the CKB Weekly, a newsletter about the Nervos Common Knowledge Base blockchain and related technology. 


  1. Download CKB client and run the Aggron testnet. Before we start to issue a token, we need to run the Aggron testnet locally. Download the latest CKB client and follow the development guide to run a CKB testnet node.

  2. Use the ckb-cli to create a new CKB wallet and export your privkey, you can check those commands here.

  3. Get the ckb-udt-cli (you will need to install golang). Then follow the build guide, it is very easy to finish it.

  4. Type in the command./ckb-udt-cli issue -c config.yaml -k YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY -a AMOUNT and replace the YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY with your own privkey, replace the AMOUNT with how many token you want to issue. 

Click the Enter key and wait a few seconds, you will see the transaction hash and the uuid and check the tokens on CKB explorer (testnet). You can check a video demo of the process shared by Stitch,

If you need testnet CKB, the faucet is here.


Technical Updates


If you are curious about why a design in CKB is what it is now, please post your questions in this repository.

  • Dev Tools

    • Lumos released v0.3.0

    • Capsule update

      • Scaffolding for new projects

      • Building of RISC-V binaries for Nervos CKB-VM

      • Local execution of smart contract scripts via Docker

  • Neuron

    • Released v0.31.0

    • Improve user experience:

      • Optimize the Copy component, also remove unnecessary normal context menu

      • Display password error in password dialog

  • CKB Explorer

    • Add a token section to allow submission of token information

Layer 2

  • Muta [layer2 framework on CKB]

    • #308: Verify aggregated signature in checking proof

  • SECBIT Labs [Zero knowledge proof toolkit for CKB]

    • testing and reviewing the code of zkp scripts.

    • writing the docs of zkp toolkit


“Love Lina Token” ? XOXO

*CKB Weekly is curated by a group of people who witnessed Lina’s birth and started this to record her growth. Any views expressed are personal and do not represent an official position of the Nervos project. Got updates or articles you would like to include? Any feedback or other suggestions? Let us know by replying to the email.