Visual Programming and CKB

"Visual programming is a type of programming language that lets humans describe processes using illustration." (source)

A new visual programming tool called Mandrake is maturing in the Nervos ecosystem, and it promises to greatly expand the number of people who can develop contracts on CKB. Using visual programming, contracts can be created through a human-friendly interface; programs are designed by connecting a variety of conditions and inputs on-screen. 

Mandrake can even open the door to non-programmers creating contracts. You can check out the Mandrake tool here, and the Github here

Mandrake builds on Animagus, a framework for creating abstract syntax trees on CKB.


  • Co-founder Daniel participated in the POW'ER DeFi Innovation Summit to speak about Interoperability 2.0

  • Last week co-founder Kevin Wang spoke at the ReImagine 2020 conference about the design philosophy of Nervos, check out the recording here

  • The BSN Open Permissioned Blockchain Initiative has officially launched, featuring Nervos and 7 other public blockchains

Technical Updates


Nervos applies the RFC (Request for Comments) process for implementing every building block of the protocol. There were 27 Previous RFCs that can be found here.

If you are curious about why a design in CKB is what it is now, please post your questions in this repository.


  • CKB

    • ( #2286) redesign the testing framework

    • ( #2281) add tx subscription

    • ( #2270) Rework rpc doc

    • ( #2299) add a default options file

    • ( #2303) replace legacy lru-cache

    • ( #2301) Remove rpc/json/rpc.json

  • Dev Tools

    • Lumos [JavaScript/TypeScript based dapp framework]

      • ( #108) Add hd to readme

      • ( #107) Add some tests

      • ( #109) Fix public key to args mapping in HD cache multisig script

      • ( #110) Fix: Anyone can pay limit capacity & limit amount check

    • Polyjuice [an Ethereum on CKB solution]

    • Capsule [development framework for creating smart contract scripts in Rust for CKB]

      • Abstract building recipe

      • Experimental: support C language

    • Neuron

      • ( #1864) add an ring progress bar widget

      • ( #1865) show network type in the navbar

      • ( #1860) Merge 0.32.3

      • ( #1874) add an action type of send acp

      • ( #1873) insert ellipsis if asset account address is too long

      • ( #1877) support short version address of acp lock

    • CKB Explorer

      • ( #734) refresh dao contract info when there are new dao events

Layer 2

  • Muta [layer2 framework on CKB]

  • SECBIT Labs [Zero knowledge proof toolkit for CKB]

    • ( #20) Add curve: baby_jubjub

    • ( #19) improve spartan scheme

    • ( #17) Add Clinkv2 & new interface style

    • ( #18) add spartan scheme


  • Hxro [Gamified Crypto Trading Platform]

  • Tocial [cosplayers’ photo sharing app]

  • Lay2 [pw-sdk, build dApp on CKB and run them everywhere]

    • ( #4) Feature walletconnect

  • Obsidian Labs [developer IDE]

  • Synapse [browser wallet and keyper agency]

    • Release v0.1.1 Version

    • Improvement: Support to export keystore to json file, and import keystore from json file

    • UI improvements

    • Add validation for UDT management

  • BlockABC [onechain CKB and web auth]

  • GrowFi [token swap functionality]

  • Obsidian Systems CKB integration with ledger wallets

    • Release ckb-plugin-ledger v0.2.0

      • Improve support with multiple ledgers, and mid-operation unplugged ledgers.

      • When listing accounts, return errors to ckb-cli rather than an empty lists of accounts.

    • Release hw-app-ckb v0.1.0

      • Small discrepancies in the Nervos schemas between the RPC and Lumos have been worked around.

      • Added package.yamls for examples project and for example workspace.

The Nervos Foundation currently runs a grants program for builders, check out the scope and how to apply.

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